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Bee-Bot App

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The Bee-Bot app is a computer-based version of the popular KS1 Bee-Bot item. The app requires the students to move the bee-bot from Point A to Point B over the course of 12 levels – with each level varying in difficulty.

A standard level on the Bee-Bot App

In order to complete the journey, children can programme the bee-bot to turn left or right and move either forwards or backwards. All children have to do is simply click on the arrows in the order they would like the bee-bot to move and then click “go.” Each time an arrow is pressed, the bee-bot will move one square in that direction.

It’s worth noting that the bee-bot can only move forwards or backwards, so if children want to move left or right they have to turn and face that direction first. Also, once the bee bot has completed its movement, children must press the “X” symbol clear their code before entering a new code. If they don’t, the bee-bot will act out the first code before acting out the new code.

Levels 1 and 2 act primarily as a tutorial but then the journey gradually becomes more complex, ensuring that the children have to work hard to plan their route before entering the code.

This app is an excellent coding-based tool to use when teaching children about direction but I feel its greatest value would be found when used in a problem-solving lesson.

Asking the students to estimate their code before entering it into the computer presents children with an engaging and exciting problem-solving maths activity.