Peep and the Big Wide World

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Peep is the central character in several apps designed to appeal to EYFS children.

Peep is a small bird who children will find very fun to interact with across each of the different apps.

Each app consists of one colourful, basic activity which can help children learn about different topics (with a strong focus on science and nature.) Each activity can be easily understood by an EYFS child and, upon completion, can be repeated by other children too.

Whilst there is only one short activity per downloaded “Peep” app, there are a lot of different apps and they’re free.

As I mentioned, each app is easy to understand and the children can complete them independently. Just one example of an available activity is a game of match wherein children turn over a leaf and find an animal underneath. They then have to turn over another leaf and find the habitat that the animal lives in.

Apart from educational topics, these apps are also designed to help children develop their memory skills. For example, one game shows children a bird exploring different objects in a shed. The bird will then hide behind one of those objects and the children will have to use their memory to find it.

There are a lot of creative activities under the Peep umbrella and the apps can often cover different areas of the curriculum besides science and nature.

A good example of this type of activity is the Paint Splat app (again under the Peep umbrella.) This is an art based app which asks children to make a new colour by mixing different paints. Children find this to be extremely engaging whilst also educational.

When introducing the iPad to children, Peep is an absolute must for every EYFS classroom.