Shakespeare in Bits

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When studying the work of Shakespeare, this is a fantastic app that can be used to help children develop a better understanding of the text.

SinBits2 It’s an extremely engaging app as the text is accompanied by an animated film (depicting the events of the play script) which helps children to understand what is happening. The animated characters read the script and children will be able to follow along easily as the text being spoken is highlighted on-screen. It’s easy to use and you can move freely between Scenes and Acts so you can find the perfect part of the script to teach.

Another useful tool is the translation tool. Throughout the text, certain archaic words are highlighted so that children can click on to them and have the word translated into its modern meaning (so “wherefore” becomes “why) which helps the children to develop a deep understanding of the text.

SinBits1The app is full of different tools which are designed to encourage a greater understanding of the play script. There is a synopsis tool which explains the plot of the play script in its entirety, but can also be used to break down specific scenes and acts so the children can study them in great detail. As well as the built-in synopsis offered by the app, there is also an area where children can record their own notes about the play as they move through each scene, allowing them to work independently at their own pace.

Furthermore, if children click on the “character” icon, they are given key information about a character in the text including their motivations and story arcs. It also provides an insight into each characters personality and offers an analysis of their actions and behaviour throughout the play. Finally, there is also a useful “relationship map” which shows how each character is related to another.

Plays covered in this series include:

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Hamlet
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream
  • MacBeth
  • Julius Caesar

In terms of understanding Shakespearian plays and how play scripts work, there is no more beneficial app that Shakespeare in Bits.