Symmetry Exercises for Kids

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Students can use this maths app to help them better understand symmetry by completing symmetrical shapes – both horizontally and vertically.

There are two different difficulty levels that can be chosen with the main symmetry2 difference being the size of the squares on the grid. The greater the difficulty, the more precise the student will have to be when drawing the shape on the grid – allowing for progression and differentiation within the lesson. It’s a very easy app to use, as each different topic is simply selected from the menu and then children can pick which symmetrical shape they’d like to complete.

A great feature of this app is that students can quickly erase a single line that they’ve drawn, allowing them to recognize and edit individual errors when looking at their overall finished drawing. All children have to do to draw the symmetrical shape is drag their finger over the grid and a line will appear where they’ve drawn. To delete a line, children simply click on the red scissors icon asymmtryt the top and then trace their finger over the line they want to delete.

Finally, there is a mode where children can practice moving an image across a grid, which can help them to develop a better understanding of coordinates and direction when completing transformations.

It’s worth noting that I’ve found this app to be extremely popular with children and many of my students actually opt to use this app during their free time. It’s a very engaging, easy-to-use app which can really help children to develop a better understanding of symmetry.