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BrainPop is an engaging app which can be used to teach a lot of subjects. It’s a very detailed app and will show you a child’s progress as they move through the different activities.

However, it follows a basic but effective structure wherein children watch an animated video around a certain subject and then answer questions about that subject.

The central character is an android (Moby) and he works with his friend (Tim) to explain different topics. It’s very visual and children will enjoy watching the animated movies before doing the quiz.

Generally, the movie starts with Tim and Moby reading a question and then they begin to explain the answer. As the answer is being discussed, the children will see different images to support the words (which are on-screen as well as verbal) helping them to develop a better understanding of the subject.

There are a vast amount of subjects covered in BrainPop and a lot of different topics within those subjects. Whilst some of the subject matter in BrainPop is difficult, it would be an excellent way of enhancing the knowledge of or challenging the ability of higher ability students.

There is also an option called BrainPop Jr which may be more appropriate for primary school children but I’ve highlighted BrainPop as it’s a good way to challenge students and BrainPop Jr’s free version is a lot more limited than this version.

As a visual and auditory research tool, BrainPop is an excellent way to help children develop an interest, as well as their knowledge, in a variety of subjects.