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In comparison to BeeBot and LightBot, CargoBot is a much more challenging and advanced problem-solving, coding-based app.

TCargoBothe students start with a set of boxes (each a different colour) and are tasked with creating a complex code that commands a crane to rearrange the boxes into the order shown. After completing the optional tutorial, students can start at a range of difficulty levels which can help with differentiating the task for children of differing abilities.

It’s an ideal app for challenging students during a mathematical problem-solving lesson and also allows you to teach part of the computing curriculum at the same time.

After completing a level, students will be given a rating out of three stars based on the efficiency of their code. Ideally, students have to complete the task using as few pieces of code as possible and their rating will be affected by the length of their code.

This means the students can revisit the app to improve their code (refining cCargoBot2ode is part of the computing curriculum) and improve their rating, giving a clear sign of progress.

As with LightBot, students will have to learn to use “procedures” as well as learning to use “if” blocks of code. Basically, if a student places a coloured icon over a piece of code, then that particular piece of code will only occur if that coloured box is being held by the crane.

It’s an extremely challenging app which will encourage students to develop their problem-solving ability as well as their coding skills.