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CBeeBies Playtime

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Introducing EYFS children to technology can be difficult, but using the CBeeBies Playtime app can be a very engaging way of doing so.

Once children have entered their name and selected a balloon, they’ll be taken to a world where there are different activities to work through. It’s very colourful and a lot of the characters they’ve seen on television are prominent in the activities,

There are 9 activities to choose from, and I’m going to break down each activity below.


Children will see a picture and be asked to spell the word (what the picture is.) Each letter is sounded out whenever it is selected and once they’ve completed the word, this will be read to them also. Afterwards, they’ll see a sentence containing the word to help them understand the context better.


This game is narrated by the characters from the popular television show, and helps children understand how to follow instructions and use an iPad. Children take control of a submarine as they journey through the see and must follow commands such as “press the big red button” and “pull the purple lever.” This helps children to listen to instructions and to recognize colour. Upon reaching their destination, children will be given an activity to do which will require them to shake the iPad or use their finger to control the device, thus helping them learn how to use the technology correctly.

Tree Fu Tom

This activity helps children to develop hand-eye coordination and learn to control an iPad. After guiding an orb around a map using their finger, children must use take control of the titular character as he rides his motorcycle and collects tomatoes. Children have to use the fingers to avoid obstacles whilst collecting items, which helps to develop their fin motor skills in a fun and engaging way.

Something Special

This activity is narrated by Mr. Tumble and is an art based activity. Children will be given an item (a boot, a bowtie or a bag) and will be tasked with popping colourful bubbles over the item. The colours will then splash onto the item making it colourful.

Make a Picture

Children will be given the option to draw a picture or colour in an already-drawn picture. They can use a variety of tools including pens, paints, highlights and sponge paints. This activity helps children understand how colour works and encourages an interest in art but also helps to improve their fine motor skills as they have to use their finger to draw or colour the picture.

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure

Children select a dinosaur to use and then work their way through a range of optional activities. They can throw a ball for their dinosaur to fetch, enter first-person mode and take photographs of dinosaurs, wash their dinosaur, feed their dinosaur and change the pattern and colour of his skin.

It’s a fun activity which helps children to understand how to control on iPad but also teaches them about caring for a pet… even if it is a dinosaur.


Children play as pirates who have lost their treasure and must work to get it back. They have to roll a dice and move around a board, completing different activities along the way. It’s a good activity to help children learn about numbers as the characters often talk about how far to move and then visually do so.
Depending on what square they land on, children will have to complete a game to retrieve a jewel. This often requires them to use their fine motor skills to successfully complete the activity.

This is a very engaging activity which can help a child learn several different skills.

The Furchester Hotel

This activity is a great way to help children develop an understanding of how to use the iPad. Children must help guests at the Furchester Hotel by completing activities which require them to tap, drag, tilt or shake the iPad, allowing them to experience using the main iPad controls.

Go Digital Nina Neurons

This activity will help children to develop their coding skills at a very young age. Children take control of a robot and must guide him around a level using different code. The code is already written for them but they have to alter one aspect of that code to make it work. It’s a simple but effective way of learning to code.

These activities can be undertaken in any order and can really help children to develop a range of skills across the curriculum. Children receive a reward every time they complete an activity in the form of a collectable CBeebies Bug which will stay on their screen.