Dinosaurs Everywhere

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“Dinosaurs” is another creative writing aid which will help the children to describe a character and setting. This app is also free to use.

Using augmented reality technology, children will see small dinosaurs pop up on screen and walk around the table. There is also an option to see the dinosaurs in their natural habitat by clicking “switch screen” at the top of the screen.

This can help children to plan and describe a prehistoric setting and character as they will be able to watch the dinosaurs whilst they write. Furthermore, if a child clicks on a dinosaur, they receive information about that particular species.

It’s an easy and effective way to help children visualise a different world for their creative writing.

Two extremely similar apps are called “shark fingers” and “aquarium fingers.”

These apps function in the same way as “Dinosaurs Everywhere” but present sharks and an aquarium on-screen respectively.