Epic Citadel

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As a creative writing tool, or a way of helping children access a history lesson, this app is an excellent resource to have in the classroom, and it’s free.

It’s very basic as children are given access to a medieval city and can simply walk around it looking at the scenery. This is an effective and quick way oSym5f bringing a medieval city to life in either English or in a topic lesson. It allows children to see and hear the city as they explore their surroundings, which will make it easier for them to write about the setting as they “experience” it.

Children will find it much more inspiring than simply looking at photographs and it’s so simple to use (you move by tapping an arrow and look around by dragging your finger up and down across the iPad screen) that any age group could benefit from it.

Epic Citadel is a simple, but very effective, free app which will enhance any lesson it’s used in.