Happy Little Farmer

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When teaching EYFS children to use an iPad or about science and nature, Farmer is an extremely engaging app to use. It teaches the children a lot of different skills in a colourful child-friendly environment.

What The Children Do

The children start with a plant pot and are tasked with adding seeds.

The plant will then begin to grow and the children will be asked to water the plant, feed it nutrients, cut off dead leaves and remove wayward insects. As they do this, the plant will literally grow before their eyes and develop fruit.

Once all this is done, the children have to gather the berries which have grown on the plant and place them in a jar. Whenever they add berries to the jar, the number displayed on the jar increases which will help the children to learn to count as well.

How It Works

Children will have to use different skills as the app progresses. They’ll have to tilt the iPad to water the plant, use their fingers to grip and close the scissors and shake the iPad to shake off bugs. It’s very simple-to-use as each page has a written and visual demonstration of the action the children must complete i.e. when using their fingers to grab scissors, two fingers will appear on screen pinching together.

The app really guides children through each activity so that they can practice their skills independently.

Why It’s Good

The different activities each child must complete will help them learn about plants and what they need to grow. Children will learn that plants need sunlight, food and water to survive and develop and will find the apps colourful design appealing.

Aside from being extremely colourful, this app is also engaging because children have to use different techniques to care for their plant.

As mentioned, they’ll be asked to tilt or shake the iPad, use their fingers as scissors and simply grab and drop at different times during the growth. This helps them to develop a better understanding how to use an iPad whilst also developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Eventually, they will see their hard work pay off as their individual plants grow before their eyes.


Lite Version – Free
Full Version – “2.29