Flag Quiz

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Now, I’m not going to go into too much detail about the Flag Quiz because it’s a very repetitive, but very useful, geography tool.

The children will be given a screen with pictures of different flags and they have to work out which flag belongs to which country.

Flag Quiz

Once they click on a flag they will be taken to a screen which shows how many letters are in the name of the country. Children can also use 3 hints or a resolve to help them work out the answer (there are other options but I wouldn’t personally recommend them for use in a school.)

Flag Quiz2Every time children get a question right, they are given more coins which can then be used to unlock more hints. After they’ve identified enough different countries, they can move up a level and progress onto more difficult-to-identify countries.

This is a very engaging app which children enjoy but due to its repetitive nature I’d only recommend it as a starter activity or plenary task.