3rd Grade Splash Maths

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3rd Grade Splash Maths is a colourful app which covers a lot of different mathematical topics such as place value, algebra, addition, division, multiplication and subtraction. These activities are organised by age appropriateness, allowing you to easily find activities suited to children in your age group.

The presentation is very colourful as the app is set under the ocean and the characters are jelly-like creatures which will appeal to children and make the app more engaging.

A key strength of Grade 3 Maths is that it encourages the children to use an array of methods to solve mathematical problems. Whilst the app may encourage the use of a number line to solve certain questions, it will also provide visual prompts to help with another question, so children have a well-rounded skillset.

Children are also encouraged to answers the questions in different ways. Rather than having to constantly type in the correct answer, children will be asked to drag and drop an answer or to select the correct answer in a multiple choice scenario. This helps keep the app engaging as it isn’t overly repetitive.

Where this app differs from other maths-based apps, is that it offers the children a space to solve the question being asked. By selecting the pencil icon, children will be given a white board and screen which they can use to do any working out (by writing with their finger.) This ensures they don’t rush any questions and can practice the methodology behind each answer.

Furthermore, if they are totally confused and can’t solve the problem, they can click the reveal button and the iPad will show them the answer, allowing them to identify where they’ve gone wrong with their working out.

Finally, the app stores data about the player so you can see any progress (in percentages) that they make over time.