Hungry Fish

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Hungry Fish is an exciting and challenging maths app which EYFS children will get a lot of use out of. It’s extremely basic to understand and even easier to use, making it an ideal mathematics tool for young children.

The app consists of a fish swimming around the sea eating different bubbles which are controlled by the children (using their fingers.) The fish will have a number on its side (set by the teacher) and the children must give it a bubble which matches the number in order to make the fish grow, if the fish eats a bubble with a different number it’ll shrink.

Whilst this is very useful for number recognition, it’s mostly beneficial when used to help children develop addition skills. As the bubbles have different numbers in them, the children must make them crash into each and merge into one larger bubble – adding each individual number into one larger one as well.

So, if the children have to feed the fish a bubble with the number 4 inside, they can crash a bubble containing a number 1 into a bubble containing a number 3 and it will form a bigger bubble with a number 4 inside.

It’s very easy to use and the same formula applies to the other modes found on the app. These other modes include basic subtraction and addition and subtraction of negative numbers, making this a key app to use throughout EYFS and KS1.