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This app isn’t designed solely for educational purposes but can be very useful nevertheless. The primary function of I-Nigma is to read QR codes which can be easily generated and put various places around the classroom.

P.S. You can generate free, printable QR Codes here.

All you need to do is type information into the box and print off the code. i-nigma1Then when the QR Code is scanned the children will see the information that you typed. Alternatively, click on the tab which says “URL” and paste a web address into the box, as this will bring up the website on the iPad when the QR Code is scanned.

A good way to enjoy the full benefits of this app is to create a problem-solving game. Give the children a riddle which reveals the location of a QR Code and when they finally locate that QR Code they simply use I-Nigma to scan the code which would reveal information for them to record (about any topic you’re studying) as well as another riddle – leading them on a scavenger hunt.