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iMovie is arguably the most popular software for creating video available on the iPad. It’s used globally and is extremely easy to use.

Once the app has been opened, click on the (+) symbol to begin creating a new movie or trailer.

If you’re creating a new movie, you can click on the camera to record a film straight into iMovie and can click onto the microphone icon to record a voiceover narration. It’s also possible to insert any media (audio, video, photo) you’ve already recorded into the app so you can add them to your movie.

Once you’ve inserted or recorded your movie, you can then use the editing tools to alter the speed of the clip, the volume and to change the style (black and white, sepia etc) or add subtitles. You can also trim parts of the movie or rearrange the order of the clips.

This allows you to create fantastic video clips with ease. It’s also a good way of creating a picture book, as you can add several photographs to play as a slideshow and narrate over them.

Alternatively, when creating a trailer, you can choose a ready-made template to use as a theme. The children then insert their video into the template, along with their names into the credits, and simply press play. This will allow them to create a stunningly visual trailer with ease.

iMovie is an excellent tool to use when wrapping up a project as children can create a video or trailer about the subject they’ve studied which will help them to consolidate their learning. You could even take it one step further and (after saving the video to the camera roll) could turn it into a QR code to use as a display.