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Inkflow works best as a substitute for a whiteboard, as it functions largely in the same way.

inflowIt’s basically a plain white sheet that children or staff can draw on using their finger. If children make a mistake, they simply press “undo” and the last piece they’ve drawn will vanish – this can be pressed repeatedly to erase the last few things they’ve drawn.

It’s a useful tool to help children quickly draw a diagram before and label it before they copy it into their book. Thus, allowing them to easily alter any mistakes before they complete their final version.

Another useful way to use this app is to create a presentation for a child who perhaps struggles to follow along when the teacher is talking or introducing a subject.

By pressing the arrow at the top of the screen, you can add a new page to your presentation, allowing you to produce as much content as you want for that child. As your presentation or flipchart progresses on the interactive whiteboard, they could keep up by following through the pages on Inkflow.