Kidspiration Maps

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One of the best apps available is Kidspiration Maps, particularly if you’re teaching a science lesson about classification or sorting data.

Images Owned By and Accredited to Kidspiration Maps

I’ll be honest, it can take a bit of practice to use the app correctly, but I have used this with a Year 2 class and achieved great results.

Basically, the app allows you to insert a shape (or multiple shapes) in order to create a diagram, mind-map, chart or graph. It’s very appealing visually, especially for younger children, as the shapes can be filled with different pictures.

By pressing the insert key (the yellow circle with a picture frame inside) you can access dozens of categories with each category containing dozens of pictures for you to choose from.

Images Owned By and Accredited to Kidspiration Maps

A small selection of categories includes; pets, wild animals, plants, countries, shapes and buildings – so there is a very diverse range of items to select from. Once you find the image you want, you simply use your finger to drag it into place.

This is arguably the most useful app you can download when creating a visually appealing science diagram.