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“Maps” is an extremely engaging and versatile app but is often overlooked when using an iPad in the classroom.

The app itself has many options which can be used to really enhance a geography lesson.

To use the app you simply have to open “maps” and then type either a postcode or place into the bar at the top of the screen. You will then be taken to see that place on the map and can customize the type of map as you wish.

This is a fantastic way to show children different places around the world as you study them. However, it’s also useful as children can see what type of buildings (restaurants, leisure centres etc) are in an area and this can be used when developing town maps.

Now, customization is the biggest advantage of using “maps” as it will enable the children to see the area in different ways.

Below are screenshots of the different types of view.




Satellite (does not show street names or landmarks)


Hybrid (shows street names and landmarks)


To switch between the different viewpoints, you have to click the (i) icon in the corner and select standard, satellite or hybrid. You can also zoom in and see the streets closer up by placing two fingers on the iPad and moving them outwards (moving them towards one another will zoom out.)

Finally, there is also an option to see the world in 3D which will truly allow the children to experience any part of the world you’re studying. You can also zoom in and out of the 3D map so your children can tour the streets of any city in the world.

3D View


As a tool for teaching geography, highlighting local/national landmarks or even providing context to an area during a history lesson, “maps” is an extremely versatile and engaging tool to use.