Maths, Aged 4-6

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To encourage children to develop a keen interest in Maths, I recommend using this app.

Each mathematical topic has several different activities designed to develop and consolidate a child’s understanding of the subject.

A good example of how progressive the game is in nature is the very first challenge which focuses on symmetry. A voice will explain what symmetry is whilst a visual demonstration will be shown on screen and children will then be asked to select a symmetrical shape from a mixture of shapes. Following this, children will be shown how to draw a line of symmetry and then fold the shape in half.

maths aged 4-6Aside from this activity, children will also be tasked with learning about coordinates, direction and positioning. All of these topics are covered under the shape and position umbrella.

The voiceover constantly talks to the child about the topic and often repeats the same dialogue, ensuring it remains locked inside the child’s memory.

This is an extremely progressive app which challenges children to continually progress. It also allows you to cover a huge range of topics in a variety of different ways. It may be the most useful app I can recommend for teaching maths to KS1 and EYFS children.

If you’re planning on purchasing this app, it’s worth pointing out that schools can get 50% when buying 20+ licences at once (through VPP for education) making it a fantastic investment. Also, OneBillion (the app developer) is a non-profit organisation and all profit from app sales help to educate children in Malawi, Ugana and other countries.

A video about this project can be found here.

This is a fantastic app which will help children progress in your own school whilst also providing children worldwide with the opportunity to learn.