Maths Wiz

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For challenging Year 6 students, Maths Wiz is one of the best apps to use.

The children take a quiz consisting of 20 questions and have a time limit of 15 minutes to complete it. The quiz consists of a range of different subjects including division, subtraction, addition, multiplication and angles.

After they’ve completed the quiz, they’ll get a score and a percentage which will let them know if they’ve passed of failed the test. It also tells them which question they got wrong and what the correct answer actually was, allowing them to identify their mistakes.

As it’s a timed test and covers a lot of wide-ranging mathematical topics Maths Wiz is an ideal early morning starter activity or plenary task at the end of a maths lesson.

Teachers do have the option to alter the number of questions, what mathematical topics are covered and the time limit. A great tool offered through Maths Wiz is the opportunity to see progress as the child’s result is recorded (with a time and date) and then kept in a record under the “results” tab on the main menu.

Aside from the test, children can enter “study mode” where they’re given a question, but no time limit, and the option to reveal the answer. This is an effective starter activity as a group can have a question in the iPad, use individual whiteboards to work out their answer and then reveal the correct answer on the iPad.

The questions are difficult and this app, whilst being useful to monitor progress and identify areas of weakness, is more ideal for higher ability children.