Me Books

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This is a virtual library which is great for helping children to develop their reading skills.

Whilst the app is free, it does cost money to purchase new books for the library, but they can be bought in bulk.

Children simply click a book to open it and can then either swipe a page using their finger or press the bottom right-hand corner of a page to turn over onto the next one. There are books for children of all ages and abilities.

A useful tool to help develop comprehension is the rainbow button. If children press this button (in the top right-hand corner) the characters in the book will be highlighted.

Children then press the characters and they will talk, but they won’t say words from the book, rather they will express their feeling or respond to a situation in the story. This helps to bring the characters to life and helps the children to understand how a character might act or feel in a story whilst also developing their speaking and listening skills.

When first opening the book, parents or teachers will be presented with a page giving them ideas for discussion about the book. There is also an option for children to have the book read to them aloud simply by clicking on the page.