Monster Math

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This app is designed to help children develop their maths skills, and is both challenging and very engaging. Where this app stands out from other maths apps is that it centres on a story.

What the Children Do:

At the start of the ‘story mode,’ two monsters are playing when another monster captures one of them, leaving it up to the remaining monster to free his friend.

monstermathHow it works: 

To free his friend, the monster must advance through several levels guarded by different enemies. Each level has a mathematical challenge (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, etc.) that the player must solve within a set time limit in order to surpass the enemy and continue on his quest to find his friend. After completing a level, children will be given a star rating which can be used to monitor progress in any mathematical topic used in the app.

Why It’s Good:

The characters are colourful, the challenges are fun and children will become invested in the story. Even moving between one level and another is engaging as children move around a mini-map (similar to Mario) when advancing through the game.

Aside from ‘story mode,’ children can also develop their numerical skills in practice mode. Whether in practice mode or story mode, teachers can control which mathematical topics are included in the challenges (this can be achieved by pressing the cog). The range of topics is quite large and each topic has several subcategories, allowing for a lot of differentiation and customisation.

Whilst the star rating is useful, Monster Math also offers an in-depth breakdown of progress in each topic area. After completing a task, the app will store data and inform you whether a child is successful or not with a particular topic and what percentage of questions they got correct.

This is another excellent way of monitoring progress, offered by an extremely worthwhile app.

The best feature offered by this app is its split screen function. Two children can use the same iPad to compete against each other in split screen, with each child controlling their character around their own mini-grid. This encourages children to engage in the app and will help a reluctant learner engage also as they can play the ‘game’ with their friends.

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