Paper and Pencil

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As an app for creating shapes in mathematics or enhancing an art lesson, Paper and Pencil is an excellent tool to use.

At the menu, you’re presented with three different options; a book which includes tutorials about how to use the different tools offered by the app, a place to jot down your ideas and a book to draw sketches.

The tutorial is extremely useful for those who are unfamiliar with the app as it guides you through using each of the features offered in an easy to understand, step-by-step manner.

“Paper” has a lot of different tools to try when creating art. You can change the type of implement you’re drawing with from a pencil to a fountain pen or paintbrush, among others, which allows you to create effective art. In the adjoining image, I’ve drawn lines using the different tools available so you can see the different functions.

An excellent tool granted by the app is the auto shape tool. If you want to draw a symmetrical (or even asymmetrical) shape, you simply have to draw the outline with your finger in one continuous motion and it will then automatically format the shape.

The colour palette is also quite unique as you select a colour and draw it with your finger in a circular space, the more you circle the stronger the tone. You can also use this to mix two colours in the palette, allowing you to create the ideal colour for your work.

“Paper” is a great tool to use when helping children develop their artistic skill, as it will help with hand-eye coordination (they’re drawing with their fingers) and the large selection of tools on offer allows the children to create incredible art.