Piano Free With Songs

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There are a lot of similar music apps available on the iPad, but I find this app to be the easiest to use and it’s the one I use most regularly.

When teaching music, children who struggle to understand the different keys could really benefit from this app. Once you’ve opened the app, you can select either freestyle or perform to begin creating music.Sym6

Selecting freestyle will allow a student to practise playing the piano at their own leisure whereas selecting perform will allow them to choose from a list of popular songs (ranging from classical music to current chart music) and learn how to play that.

When using the app in perform mode, children can choose to press the key as the song plays or to press a glowing orb as it falls down across the screen. The app makes it easy to learn new songs and to develop an understanding of the keyboard as every key is clearly marked.

As the song plays, orbs will fall onto the keys in the order they need to be pressed, so children can follow along with ease. The key which needs to be pressed will also be lit up so that any children who fall behind can still continue playing at their own pace.

You can also customize the app so that there are two rows of keys and can alter how wide each key is. This will help a child who struggles with coordination to enjoy playing the music as well.