ABC Pocket Phonics

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As indicated by the name, this is an app which can be used as part of a phonics lesson.

After selecting a letter, the children will be taken to a screen displaying that letter. They’ll then bSym5e taken to a screen where they can see they’ll watch a demonstration of the letter being drawn before they draw it themselves (with their finger) using a template.

As well as seeing the letter as it’s drawn, children will also hear the letter sound being spoken and should be encouraged to repeat the sound as they draw.
If they make a mistake whilst they’re drawing the letter, they simply shake the iPad to erase the error.

Once the children have mastered the letter, they’ll be shown three letters on the screen and be tasked with making a word. They’ll hear a letter sound and be asked to choose the right letter and this will continue until they’ve formed the word. Once they’ve formed the word, the computer will read it aloud tSym5o them but again they should be encouraged to repeat the sound.

It’s also possible to monitor progress as the app will provide the children with a score which can be recorded and compared to any later results.

If your school has a specific writing style, it’s possible to change the style of writing to cursive as well as selecting upper case or lower case. However, arguably the cleverest feature of this app is its safety lock. Children won’t be able to access the game unless they answer a multiplication question (7×8 etc) ensuring they can’t tamper with any data stored on the device.

This is a great app to use when teaching phonics and spelling.