Reading with Biff, Chip and Kipper

Reading Time: 1

This app is useful for both guided reading and phonics and can be extremely engaging for EYFS or KS1 children.

When used as a reading app, children can select a book and choose to have it read to them or to read it themselves. However, if children choose to read it themselves and are struggling, they can click on a word and that word will then be read to them. This helps to develop whole word recognition and helps build their confidence when reading aloud.

Before children read the book, there is a page which offers points for discussion between the children and teacher. Furthermore, upon finishing the book, there are several pages of questions designed to help develop comprehension skills.

Finally, the last page of the book is often a game which the children can complete, giving them a fun incentive to finish the book.

If you select the phonics option, you will be taken to a page which gives tips for reading with the child. As with the reading section, there is an option to have the book read to the child.

Each page of the book has a simple sentence and several pictures. Children are given a letter (it’s read to them) and then asked to select each picture which begins with that letter. When they select the picture, the iPad will tell them what the word is and, upon selecting all the correct pictures, children will be asked to trace the letter using their finger.

The app offers a lot of practise to students as it’s possible to purchase a lot of books for the library, however,  the free version could also be used repeatedly with different students as well.