Sentence Maker

Reading Time: 1

For Key Stage 1 children, Sentence Maker is a friendly way to learn how to properly construct a sentence and to improve their phonic ability.

sentence makerThe children will hear a sentence read to them and the words which form that sentence will then be scattered on screen over an appropriate image.

Children are then tasked with dragging the words into the right slots and constructing the sentence they heard. Each time a child clicks on a word, a voice will tell them what the word says and this voice will also read the complete sentence to them once they’ve finished forming it.

A strong aspect of this app is that the last word in each sentence always finishes with a full-stop and the first word begins with a capital letter.

Whilst this may make it easier for high ability children to quickly identify the first and last word, it’s also an extremely useful visual way of helping lower ability children to understand the correct punctuation in a sentence.