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This is a wonderful app to use when teaching a class about any subject.

It allows you to create a presentation which children can have on their desk and watch as they work. You can give the presentation on the interactive whiteboard at the start of the lesson and then ask the children to follow along on their iPads using ShowMe.

However, once they’ve been set off on their work, they can keep their iPad on their desk and revisit the presentation whenever they’re struggling.

As a teacher, you have to click on +Create and select “New Blank ShowMe” or alternatively insert a one you’ve created earlier at home by using DropBox or Google Drive.

When creating a new ShowMe presentation, you simply click the red record icon at the top of the screen and begin talking whilst you draw on the whiteboard. This allows you to explain things to the children verbally alongside a visual reminder.








Children then simply open ShowMe, or log-in if you haven’t opened your slideshow on each iPad, and they can review the presentation anytime they like during the lesson.

If you’re comfortable with allowing the children to log-in, then it’s easy to upload your ShowMe presentation to the Group community and share it with your children, who can log-in to the group and view it that way. If not, then I recommend opening the presentation on each individual iPad.

Another useful time-saving tool is the “Explore” function which allows you to select presentations that have already been made by other teachers and can use them in class. You can filter by subject which makes it easier to find the topic you’re searching for.

As you create your ShowMe, you can draw or write with your finger, but there is also an option to add text (Aa icon) which will allow you to type in text using the keyboard so it’s easier to read. Furthermore, you can also add a photograph from the internet or from your camera roll, allowing you to create a visually appealing slideshow.

This is a truly remarkable tool which will help children to make quick progress as they can revisit the slideshow whenever they need it.