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“Sketches” is similar to SketchBook in that it’s very easy to use and the free version is so good that you don’t need to pay for the full version (the full version adds new tools and an option to edit different layers of the drawing.)

Sym5Upon opening the app, you can use the different drawing tools to create unique drawings that are high in detail and quality. There are different pens and pencils to choose from as well as different shading tools which can be used.

If you’re using it to draw shapes in math, there is a tool which can be used to draw a shape with your finger and then the computer draws it for you (autocorrecting the lines) and fills it with colour. Furthermore, you also have the option to add text to a drawing so you can make notes alongside the art.

It will also allow you to select a pattern and draw a shape or object with that particular pattern, which can be a fantastic tool when creating art. There are lots of different patterns to choose from, allowing you to be very creative.

It’s a very simple art based app to use and is also very effective across different subjects.