Space Builder

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Aside from being an extremely fun app for children to use, Space Builder is also a great way to enhance an English lesson or Maths lesson.

SpaceBuilderThe premise is that children are given a range of blocks (triangles, squares etc) and must use these blocks to build a spaceship. The children can rotate each block and change their colour with ease (simply click the block or colour icon) allowing children to create their own spaceship with the tap of a finger.

It provides children with a custom visual aid to inspire them in their writing and also to fully engage them in the lesson.

For those children who are struggling, there are also several templates available which they can use as their spaceship.

Children can delete a block with ease (again tapping the shape icon) but can also turn the gravity up or down and throw a ball at their spaceship if they want to break it quickly – which is often a fun way for them to end the lesson.

The app can also be used to enhance a maths lesson as children can create a 2D or 3D shape. This allows them to learn the properties of a shape quickly as they’re creating it themselves.

Ask a child to transform a square into a cube and then print off their picture to be labelled and stuck in their book. This helps children to take charge of their own work and will engage them in the subject.