Spacecraft 3D

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Whilst QR codes will allow you to quickly access information, Spacecraft 3D will bring 3D spacecraft to life on the screen.

Children simply have to open the app and tap “select spacecraft” in order to scan the targets (which can be downloaded at

Once the target has been scanned, a 3D spacecraft will appear on screen and children can use the different tools to control the device. Children can alter the spacecraft’s size (cog icon,) rotate it 180 degrees (rotation icon) and learn more information about the ship (“I” icon.) However, the most engaging function will allow the children to open the spacecraft and use its different functions (spacecraft icon.)

There are 21 different models to choose from, including satellite technology and planetary-based rover technology.

Children can be inspired to write great creative pieces about the spacecraft in English, but the app works really well to enhance a science lesson.