Stop Motion Studio

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A free to use alternative to iMovie, Stop Motion Studio will allow you to create an animated film which can then be uploaded to the computer and put onto the school’s website or shared within the school itself.

The software works in much the same way as iMovie in that you simply position whatever you’re using in a place of your choosing and take a photograph. You then simply move the item slightly and take another photograph – repeating this effect a few hundred times (it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to take 300 photographs.)

Once you’ve taken enough photographs you simply press play and the software will then turn this selection of photographs into a short animated film.Stopmotionstudio

This is a fun activity to improve an English lesson and really encourages children to be creative. Bring in a couple of toys (toy soldiers, Barbie doll, action figure etc) and ask the children to create a structured short story around these toys – ensuring it has a beginning, middle and an end. Then ask the children to bring their story to life by using the toys and Stop Motion Studio to turn their work into an animation.

You could even put a selection of the films onto the schools website and turn the URL into a QR Code so any visitors could scan the code and see the work the children have been doing in class.