Using The Camera

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Whilst a lot of teachers already use the camera on their iPads, I think it’s worth including a few different suggestions for getting the best use out of it.

It’s obviously a useful tool to photograph evidence of work for a display or working wall, but it’s also an excellent tool to use when teaching drama.

Allow the children to write a screenplay and then ask them to act it out. Give each group a camera and ask them to record the performance (allowing you to cover part of the digital literacy strand of the computing curriculum) and then play the performances on the interactive whiteboard – allowing them to evaluate and self-assess their own performance.

To upload a video from the iPad to the computer, plug the charging wire into the USB slot on the computer and then click “trust” on the iPad. Then go to My Computer, select iPad and simply copy and paste the video or photograph from the iPad onto the server.

The camera can also be used to bring different subjects to life. For example, if you’re teaching Ancient Egypt, why not tell the children they’re reporters and that they’re going to report about Ancient Egypt. Once they’ve written their report, give them Egyptian headwear and ask them to stand in front of the whiteboard (onto which you’ve put a picture of pyramids or a sphinx from Google Images) and then record them reciting their report.

Suddenly, your children are reporting live from Ancient Egypt and you have a fantastic video to upload onto the school’s website.

There is a lot of different subjects to be accessed simply by using the camera to develop creative lessons which will engage and excite your students.