Addition Flashcard Quiz and Match Games for Kids

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This is a simple app which uses flash cards to help teach children basic addition and subtraction. It’s very easy to use and there are a lot of different types of questions for the children to answer.

The free version will only allow you to give addition based questions, but it’s not much more expensive for the full app (which includes subtraction) so I highly recommend that you purchase the paid version. The subtraction works in exactly the same way as the addition based questions and is really a must-have to help LA or SEN children develop the mathematical knowledge.

What The Children Do

The great thing about this app is the different ways the questions are presented to the children.

Children can play a memory-type game where they must turn over cards to match two addition pairs such as 0+3 and 2+1.

Alternatively, they can pair up questions to answers such as 4+2 and 6.

Finally, they must select the correct answer to a sum from 3 possible answers written on flashcards.

I like the different types of questioning because they help the children to develop a greater understanding of addition sums.

How It Works

Once children have opened the app they simply select “addition” and then choose from three options. Once they’ve selected an option, they pick from a select range of numbers to be quizzed on i.e. answers between 1-3 or 1-5.

Each of the three game options work in the same way:

Flash Card Quiz

Children simply use their finger to tap on the answer they think is correct.

Flash Card Match

Again children use their finger to turn over the cards in the “memory” matching game. They also use their finger to select the question and answer that they think makes a pair in the “Show Me” section.

Equation Match

As before, children select the cards they want to turn over by tapping on them in the “memory” matching game or simply tap the two equations that make a pair in the “Show Me” Section.

Why Its Good

As I’ve indicated, there are a few different types of question that the children will receive. This not only helps them to develop a deeper knowledge of addition but also challenges them to try different methods and makes it less repetitive and more engaging.

I also like how easy this app is to use. You could give this app to a child and leave them to figure out how to use it and they’d quickly work it out and could then work independently

Also, the option to choose questions within a set range of numbers allows you to differentiate the work.

Addition App – Free
Full App (with Subtraction and More Questions) – £2.29


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