Anatomy 4D

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Anatomy 4D is a combination of science and augmented reality technology. It will engage every student who is fortunate enough to use this app and will amaze most teachers as well.

What The Children Do

Children open the app and hold it over a “target” or “trigger” which you should have laid out on the table.

A 3D image of the human body will then appear on the screen and children can select different systems from the menu to make them appear or disappear on the body i.e. clicking skeletal will add or remove the skeleton whereas clicking muscular will add or remove the muscular system.

This allows children to see the human body and how the different systems work together to keep us alive!

It’s extremely engaging and will keep the children engrossed in their learning throughout the entire lesson.

You can also achieve the same effect by printing off different “target” sheets – such as the heart – to let them see how different organs are formed.

How It Works

You can go to┬áthe website and print off a “target sheet” (by clicking here) and then lay this sheet onto each desk in the classroom.

Children then open the app and hold it over the target sheet. The app will then scan the sheet and bring the image up on-screen and children just select whichever system they want to see.

Why Its Good

The biggest advantage this app has over many other apps is how amazed children will be when they see the body pop-up on screen. It’s an impressive effect that will really engage children in the learning.

On top of that, it’s very visual and will help children to develop a better understanding of the human body and how it works.


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