Art Of Glow

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As it’s coming up to Christmas time, I thought I’d share an app which can be used to create colourful, enchanting pictures. I recommend using Art of Glow with EYFS or Key Stage 1 children because it’s a very child-friendly app.

What The Children Do

Children use the app to draw a picture or write a word using colourful lights and shapes. It’s a very basic app but can produce visually stunning artwork when used properly.

How Does It Work

All children have to do to draw the picture is glide their finger across the iPad screen and trail of colourful light will follow. They can also hold their finger on the screen in one place to produce a throbbing colourful shape or scatter their fingers in random places to produce explosions of colourful shapes.

Children can also change the settings by clicking on the “wrench” icon in the bottom corner. The settings they can change allow them to select the colour of the light, the shape of the light (stars, hearts etc,) the duration the pattern lasts before it disappears¬†and the amount of shapes which appear when they press the screen.

They can also have a mixture of shapes and a mixture of colours by selecting “fully random” on the settings screen.

Quick Tip: When the children have drawn their picture, hold the “home” button and the “power” button of the iPad at the same time to snapshot the screen. Then upload this photo to the computer and print it off to make a great Christmas card.

Why Its Good

It’s so colourful that children will be really engaged when using the app and it’s very easy to produce high-quality work quickly. On top of this, it’s very easy to use so the children can work independently.

Finally, it’s a great way to help children get used to using the iPad because they’ll be required to use a lot of different skills when drawing a picture.

Free or £0.79

There isn’t much difference between the free version and the paid version so I’d recommend only getting the free version, especially if you’re only planning on using it around Christmas time.

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