MyScript Calculator

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Let’s be honest, calculators in schools are always outdated, distracting and quite unattractive. So, why not use the MyScript Calculator App on the iPad?

What The Children Do

Children use their fingers to write a sum onto the page and then the app solves the sum for them. It’s extremely basic but also extremely effective.

How It Works

Children use the finger to write whichever numbers or symbols they want to use and the iPad does the rest.

It’s honestly so easy to use.

As a teacher, you can use the settings tab to turn the “automatic calculation” feature on or off. If this function is turned off, children will be able to use the calculator as a whiteboard as it won’t answer the question for them.

A useful way to use this is to give the children a sum and ask them to work it out (showing their working) and then turn the function on to see if their answer is correct.

Another great feature is that you can set how many decimal points the answer is rounded to (in the settings again.) This is an incredibly powerful tool to use when teaching rounding decimals as they can see it happen before their very eyes.

To wipe the board clean, children simply have to click the Bin in the top corner.

Why It’s Good

It’s very easy to use and can also act as a whiteboard on the table for the children when not being used as a calculator. It’s extremely multi-functional and doesn’t take up any extra space in the classroom!

Price: Free

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