First Letters and Phonics

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This app is perfect to use when teaching EYFS children their alphabet or developing their phonics skills. You can use the alphabet song with the whole class and then give the children the phonics activity to complete independently. As it’s a very simple app to control, the children will be able to pick it up quickly and work without direction supervision.

What The Children Do

The children have to match up cards which have letters on them. Once they’ve done this they’ll be shown a word beginning with that letter which they can read to you. It’s an ideal activity to use in a lesson where you’re focusing on letters and sounds.

Aside from the matching activity, the app includes a song which will help children to learn the alphabet. It’s a very simple app but is extremely engaging and extremely effective.

How It Works

Children select a letter and use their finger to drag it across the screen until it lands on a matching letter. Once they’ve done this, a new screen will appear with a word starting with that letter and a picture to match.

Every time a child touches a letter, the app will read it out loud to them so they can develop their speaking and listening skills as well as their phonics skills.

Once they’ve completed the alphabet, the song will play. Alternatively, you can select the song at the menu and skip the activity.

Why Its Good

It’s a very interactive app which will help EYFS children learn the alphabet whilst also developing their phonics skills. It’s visually very appealing with pictures to support the words (giving context to the children) and every EYFS teacher will agree that children love to learn songs and that music is a great teaching tool.

Letters A, B, C, D and the Alphabet Song are included in the free version.

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