Fun 24 Maths

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Fun 24 Maths is a great tool to use in a problem-solving mathematics lesson. It requires the children to use their critical thinking skills to solve complex maths problems.

What The Children Do

Children are given 4 numbers and they must use these numbers to make the answer 24. They can only use each number once but can use the symbol for multiplication, division, addition or subtraction as many times as they like.

They can choose – or you can set – questions that range in difficulty from easy to medium to hard.

They can then add, subtract, divide and multiply the numbers to try and reach their target.

How It Works

Children have to select a number, then a symbol and then another number. This will combine the two selected numbers into a new whole number for them to use.

So if they start with 6, 4, 2 and 8.

Then they add 6  and 4.

They’ll be left with 2, 8 and 10 on-screen.

Children then select another symbol and another number and continue until they make 24. If they feel they’ve made a mistake they can click “undo” to undo their work – undoing their last step every time they click it.

It’s quite difficult to explain but really easy to use when put into practice and the children will pick it up with ease.

Why Its Good

It’s a very challenging app which will engage children and help them to develop their critical thinking skills. The different difficulty levels also allow you to differentiate the task according to ability.

I also really like that children can see the answer to each sum they create as they try to solve the larger puzzle.

Once you’ve selected a difficulty level for the children, they can begin working through the tasks but can only progress onto a more difficult challenge once they finished the easier one – ensuring they make progress at a rate that suits their ability.


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