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Mathmateer is a great maths based app which has the look and feel of an old-fashioned video game. This will help to engage children in their learning whilst also teaching them a variety of different skills.

screen568x568What The Children Do

Children start by entering their name and selecting an avatar (alien, spaceship etc) and a rocket.

They’re then given a budget to design their rocket so it feels more personal to them. You can register up to five players on the device.

Children then fly their rocket into space and can complete different mathematical tasks such as: identifying even numbers, answering multiplication sums, clicking the correct time or 3D shape and co¬†unting money (however it’s in US Dollars so this bit might be better ignored by UK teachers.)

Eventually, the rocket will fall back to Earth and children will be given their score – which gives teachers a mark of progress.

How It Works

Children have to click “launch” to send their rocket off the ground and must then shake the iPad from side-to-side to help it fly higher.

It’s really easy to get then hang of and once children have completed one task they can move onto the others without much fuss because they’re all controlled in the same way.screen568x568 (1)

Once they’re in space, children simply use their finger to tap on the correct answers. The answers will generally be displayed on a planet and mixed between a lot of incorrect answers.

Why It’s Good

I like this app because children have a range of activities to choose from so they can learn a lot of different skills on one app. This means you can show progress by giving the children tasks to progress onto after they’ve learnt about one skill.

However, my favourite thing about the app is that it feels like a game rather than work so the children are really engaged when playing it. They can also earn medals by completing tasks which gives them an incentive to keep playing and learning.

Price: Free

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