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This app is an overlooked research tool which can be used to find information about a lot of different subjects. It’s also an extremely engaging guided reading tool which will encourage even the most reluctant reader to contribute.

What The Children Do

Children can search for a magazine or newspaper to read and gather information from. They simply find a one they like (or one you’ve already selected and installed) and then open the app and read the information within.

It’s a very simple process, but children can research for a long time and get a great mix of information.

How It Works

The children open Newsstand and are presented with a host of different magazines and newspapers. To access the information all they need to do is select the desired media and click “get” and this will then download that particular brands app.

Children can then open the app and read the information inside.

Aside from the media they’re first presented with, children can also search and find magazines or newspapers about a specific subject by entering a topic in the search bar. Alternatively, they can click on the “categories” button and find a relevant area to research.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the children will have to filter through a lot of magazines to find something appropriate, so I’d recommend (unless working with older children) that the teacher selects a magazine for them to download before the lesson.

This will also save time on the searching process.


Why It’s Good

Newsstand can give children instant access to a lot of information about a lot of different topics. They can use this information to research a particular subject and make their work better – it’s also more likely to interest them than reading out of a book.

Whilst there are a lot of magazines (remember, this is for everyone not just children) you as a teacher can select an appropriate resource beforehand for them to read and install it on the iPad.

I think this is better than finding a website for two reasons:

  1. Children tend to pull the same information from a website so they all have the same work
  2. A lot of websites – even when using a safe search – contain adverts that are inappropriate for children.

Top Tip: Give each child an iPad and install a different magazine about the same subject, use the different magazine as a means of displaying differentiation.

Whilst this a useful research tool – children will enjoy exploring science if it’s in magazine format – it’s also useful as a guided reading tool. One of the categories is “children’s magazines” and this includes magazines about a lot of child-friendly topics such as Disney, Active Lifestyles and Animals.

A quick, free and easy way to engage a reluctant reader is to give them a magazine about something they enjoy.

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