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Creating a picture book with children couldn’t be easier. This app is one of my personal favourites because it’s so easy to use and the end product is so incredible. It’s very engaging because children will want to produce their own storybook as soon as they’ve seen the template books

What The Children Do

To begin, children simply enter the title of their book and their own name in the author section and then begin to write their book.

Children use the on-screen keyboard to type a story onto different pages of a book. They can also insert a picture into their story as they write, helping them to bring their tale to life and also engage them in their work.

There are also template books available which you can show the children to help them develop ideas and to inspire them to write their own.

A great way to use this app is to tell children that they’re going to be creating a story for EYFS children. Let them plan and create their picture book and then actually have them read their stories to EYFS children – giving them a purpose for their writing.

How It Works

It’s very easy to use as children simply¬†use the on-screen keyboard to type and (after clicking ¬†the picture icon) tap and drag a picture onto the page.

Once they’ve done this, they simply use two fingers to resize the image – placing two fingers onto the image and moving them apart to make it larger and together to make it smaller.

Top Tip: There’s a great tutorial built into the app so your children can always use that if they’re getting a bit stuck.

Children can also swipe the page to move onto the next page.

Why Its Good

It’s very easy-to-use and the detailed tutorial is an excellent resource to have access to should you need it.

However, the reason this app is so good is because the end product is incredible. The picture books look absolutely incredible and very professional and the children will be eager to create their book.

This app will ultimately help the children to develop their reading, spelling and story writing skills in an engaging and productive way.

Free but extra pictures vary in price.

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