Quick Math Jr

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Quick Math Jr is a very child-friendly mathematics app which uses a reward system to encourage children to keep practicing and developing their math skills.

What The Children Do

Children create a profile by entering their name and then customizing their monster.

After this, children are taken to a town map where they have to select the play sign and work through a series of mathematical challenges.

Just a few of the challenges including:

  • Counting the Monsters
  • Placing the correct amount of Monsters in a bus
  • Addition
  • Ordering Numbers
  • Subtraction

Once they’ve completed one challenge, children can progress onto the next topic. This helps to ensure they’re constantly being challenged and making progress.

Often, when they’re completing a task, if they touch the number on-screen, the computer will verbally tell them what the number is – helping children to develop number recognition.

How It Works

The first thing children have to do is create their monster which is easily done by dragging and dropping different elements (eyes, nose etc) onto their creation.

In order to select a maths game, the children have to drag their monster around town until they reach a “play” sign.

To complete the activities children just have to drag and drop their monster into the correct place or simply select the correct number from a few possible options.

It’s really easy to use.

If they want to customize their monster after unlocking more options, they can click the “home” button in the top left-hand corner and then click on the factory at the bottom of the map.

This will then take them to the customization menu.

Why Its Good

It’s a very, very appealing app for children because it’s so child-friendly. Aside from the colourful appearance, there is also a catchy tune which plays during the game which makes it seem more fun.

Furthermore, if your children are struggling to control the app (it’s quite easy but little people might) there is a helpful instruction function to guide them in the right direction. If they linger too long on a question, an animated hand will appear on-screen and show them what to do – allowing them to work more independently.

The app also helps the children to practice a lot of maths skills and only lets them progress onto another topic once they’ve completed the previous one. This helps them to consolidate their knowledge of a subject whilst also making progress.

I also think the option to customize the monster is a lot of fun and children will enjoy this aspect of the app – it also helps it to feel more personal to that child as well. On top of this, children will want to continue playing so they can unlock more customization options for their monster, ensuring they learn more and more.


The app has two optional paid islands:

Personally, I’d recommend just getting the free version unless you plan on using the app beyond EYFS and Year 1 but I will say that it’s a fantastic app which your children will get a lot of use out of and is a great investment.

Mad Science Island (Number Bonds, Greater Than, Less Than, Patterns, Logic) – £3.99

Spooky Island (Arithmetic, Place Value, Handwriting) – £3.99

Or you can buy both islands (as well as any future released islands) for a one of payment of £5.99

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