Shape Monster

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When teaching Shape, it’s great to have a repetitive and easy-to-use app which will engage children straight away. Shape Monster does all of those things and more.

It’s predominantly useful for EYFS children or KS1 children because of its simplicity and character design.

What The Children Do

The titular Shape Monster will ask the children to feed it a specific shape and the children must select that shape from a pan containing different shapes. They must then feed the monster to make it happy – should they select the wrong shape it will become sad and they’ll have to try again.

Once they’ve fed it every shape in the pan, they can start over but the Monster will give them a larger selection of shapes to choose from.

If the children become distracted and decide not to feed the monster, it will begin to shout things like “I’m hungry, where are you?” which will help to grab their attention.

How It Works

Children simply have to listen to the monster (helping to develop their speaking and listening skills) and then use their finger to drag a shape into the monsters mouth.

It’s very easy to understand and is extremely repetitive so children can overlearn shape using this app.

Why It’s Good

I really like the customization that you can employ with this app. By clicking on the options menu, you can choose whether you want the shapes to look like vegetables or more traditional coloured blocks.

This can make it a lot easier for low ability children to identify the correct shape and learn to recognize it’s features.

It’s also a fun app and is extremely engaging (the Monster character actually made me laugh when I fed it the wrong food) and the children will enjoy using it in class. Another strong feature of this app is that it’s very easy to use so the children can be left to learn independently.

Price: Free

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