Simple Sums Free

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Simple Sums Free offers a range of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums for your children to do. The free version (which I’d recommend) has two different difficulty settings so you can differentiate using this app.

What The Children Do

The children can select to answer either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division based questions. They are given 20 questions to solve and have 20 seconds to answer each question – after they’ve answered the questions children are given a score and can play again to beat that score.

Children can choose either “easy” or “medium” difficulty when answering their sums. In order to unlock “hard” mode, you’re required to earn 100 coins. This can be achieved by selecting “Store” and then watching 10 videos.

I don’t recommend this for e-safety reasons (the videos are adverts worth 10 coins each) so it’s best just to stick to the two available difficulty settings.

How It Works

Children use their finger to select the correct answer out of a list of 4 possible answers.

If the children get a question wrong they can either choose to go back to the menu or restart the round but they cannot restart from the same question they got wrong. However, the computer will store their score from that round even if they don’t complete all 20 questions.

Why It’s Good

Children can practice their sums over and over again and attempt to beat their high score – which will encourage them to learn as they aim to achieve the highest score in the class.

As with a lot of video games, children can unlock achievements based on their performance in the game. This will help to engage them as they will want to unlock more achievements and will enjoy the video game feel of the reward system.

Price: Free

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