Maths With Springbird

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Maths With Springbird is a challenging and colourful app which will inspire your children to learn mathematics.  Its design will engage children and make them want to learn and develop their mathematics skills so they can progress through the app.

What The Children Do

The children are put in charge of a bird who must climb tree branches to reach the top and rescue his friends who’ve been put into cages by cats.

In order to help the bird reach the next branch, the children must answer an addition or subtraction question. Whenever they complete a level, the questions will start to get more difficult for them.

It’s a very progression based app and will make sure your children remain challenged throughout.

At the end of each level, the children will be given a star rating which can encourage them to replay a level and increase their rank.

How It Works

It’s extremely easy to use.

Children just press play and then select Level 1. Once they’re playing, they literally just click on the answer they think is correct and the app will do the rest.

Why Its Good

The reason I LOVE this app is because it has colourful characters and aIMG_0455 cool story. Children will be very engaged by the characters and will want to save the birds from their cages – so they’re actually doing maths for a reason.

It’s also challenging because it gets more difficult the more the children progress. This is key to helping your children develop their mathematical ability because they will be constantly pushed to solve harder problems.

It’s also really easy to use as children just select the answer they feel is correct so they can work independently.

As I’ve said, it’s a great tool for EYFS children or low-ability children because they’ll be challenged when the app becomes more difficult and there’s enough content in the free version to keep them learning for a long time. It’s also great for helping children with their self-esteem because the app really celebrates every question they get correct by displaying encouraging messages as they play.

Basic Version (Levels 1-4): Free
Learner Pack (Levels 5-16): £2.49
Master Pack (Levels 17-24): £2.99

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