Tap Math

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Tap Math has a very simple set-up and looks a lot like a Flappy Bird style game, but with mathematical questions. It challenges children to solve mathematical sums quite quickly in order to beat their high score, giving them a real incentive to learn.

What The Children DoTap Math

Children will have to “tap” the correct answer to a series of sums which fall down the screen one after another inside a block. Every time they answer a question correctly, the block with the sum inside rises slightly but continues to descend.

The sums are a mixture of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

If the children get an answer wrong or the block reaches the bottom of the screen they will get a “game over” message and given a score.

It’s a simple but addictive game which looks like Flappy Bird but plays like a mathematical version of Tetris.

How It Works

It’s extremely simple as children literally just have to tap the correct answer to continue the game.

Why Its Good

Tap Math2Apart from being very simple, it has a certain quality that makes it extremely addictive. A lot of people enjoy games like Candy Crush because they’re simple and you have a score to beat – Tap Math employs a very similar format and children will want to constantly improve.

Because it looks like a Flappy Bird type game, children will be drawn in and will be eager to try and use it.

As I’ve mentioned, it also allows children to practice a range of mathematical skills to help them improve in more than one area.

Basic Mode: Free
Children Mode (Slower Blocks): £0.99
Hardcore Mode (More Difficult Multiplication): £0.99
Multiplayer Mode (Split Screen Vs) £0.99

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