Penguin Jump Maths

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Penguin Jump Maths is an extremely engaging and colourful maths app which will encourage children to develop their skills across a range of mathematical topics. It’s a wonderful tool to use in any classroom as it allows for differentiation so children of all abilities can access the learning.

What The Children Do:

Children are presented with 4 different coloured penguins to play as. Once they’ve chosen their character they’ll then be asked to race the other three using their maths skills.

They can select a category from either addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. Once the game has started, children will be given a question and presented with 4 possible answers, with each answer displayed on an iceberg. They must select the correct answer to progress onto the next iceberg and avoid falling into the water.

The penguin which reaches the end first is given a trophy.

How It Works:

It’s a very easy game to play as the children just use their finger to select the correct answer out of those they’re given. It’s very repetitive but the task of racing the other penguinsĀ give the app replay value.

As a teacher, you can edit the game in the settings menu so that only questions within a specific range appear i.e. “only using numbers between 4 and 18.” You can also select whether or not to include negative numbers if you really want to challenge the children.

Why It’s Good:

It’s a very colourful app which will be engaging for younger children and penguins are always a popular animal for youngsters.

I also feel it will encourage children to develop their maths skills because they’ll want to beat the other penguins to win the trophy at the end. This, combined with the option to work out different mathematical problems, will help children to engage with the app.

You can also differentitate the work usig this app by simply altering the settings to allow for more difficult questions. Finally, at the end of each round, the children will be given a breakdown of statistics, showing them how many questions they got correct and which ones they couldn’t quite complete.



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