ArtStudio Lite

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The reason I’ve selected the “lite” version of this app to talk about is because it’s free and it has everything you really need to produce some wonderful art using an iPad.

What The Children Doartstudio lite1

Children can create art using the tools offered by the app. The app has the basic tools such as the pencil tool, paint brush tool and the spray paint tool. However, ArtStudio Lite allows children to be much more creative as they can edit their image in different ways, including; editing different layers, improving the temperature and tint of their colour, blending colours, inserting shapes, adjusting brightness and transparency and even adding a poster effect to the image.

Aside from all of this, children can also add different functions to their background such as adding a line of symmetry to help them draw symmetrical patterns.

What’s even better is that children can import an image from the internet or from the camera roll and begin to edit that image. A fun idea for a lesson is to ask the children to take a photograph of themselves and then edit that image – the results are always great.

It’s a very, very deep app which offers a lot of creativity and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

How It Works

The app is an extremely easy app to use. Children use their finger to select the colour (by tapping the colour button) and then a paint brush or pencil and begin drawing their art.artstudio lite2

With regards to all of the fantastic features I’ve listed above, children simply enter the menu and select what they’d like to adjust or edit. It’s very easy to use and children will be able to work independently regardless of their age.

Furthermore, to insert an image or photo you simply select the menu and then “file” and “import” or “import from photos.” It couldn’t be any simpler.

Why Its Good

Well if you’ve read the sections above then you’ll instantly know that the sheer range of editing tools makes this app a must-have for children of all ages. However, it’s also important to note that ArtStudio Lite is free and also very easy to use so children can work independently.

I’d recommend this app to any teacher who wants to encourage their children to develop their art skills.


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