Maths Loops

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Maths Loops is a great app to have in the classroom when you want a quick and effective starter activity or extension activity. The app can help children develop excellent recall of their multiplication, division, subtraction and addition facts.

What The Children Do:

Math LoopsThe first thing children must do is choose what type of questions they’re going to answer; multiplication, division, addition or subtraction.  Once they’ve done this, children have to select which times tables or division facts to work on or which number to add or subtract to and from whole numbers.

Children are given a sum and then given 6 possible answers to choose from. Once they’ve chosen their answer they’ll progress onto the next question (if incorrect they’ll be shown the correct answer.) After they’ve finished the round they’ll be given a score based on how many of their questions were correct and how long it took them to complete the round (the time is visible.)

How It Works:

It’s a very easy app to use as all children have to do is use their finger to select the correct answer from the options, allowing them to work independently.

You can also see a great demo video by clicking here.

Why It’s Good:

The app works very well because it’s a repetitive activity which can really help children to overlearn skills that can help them in other areas of mathematics.

I like the presentation as well, it’s strangely relaxing even though you have a time-limit and are answering questions. I think this is a great tool to have in the classroom and can really help children (especially LA or SEN children) progress.

Maths Loops (iOS full version)  £0.79
Maths Loops lite – Free
Maths Rings – Free

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